Play games dota 2 different subnet or network using LAN or VLAN in the same building or other cybercafe

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So do you want to play game such as dota multiplayer? with different network or subnet using LAN or VLAN in the same building or with other cybercafe? It hard to do with different subnet or another VLAN but….

Here u got the solution for that.
Downloading and installing Battle.Lan

First download Battle.Lan here, after downloading extract copy BattleLANv0.5.exe file in Your Warcraft 3 directory (C:\Program Files\Warcraft III). Using Battle.Lan

1. Launch Battle.LAN on the game host.

2. Enter the IPs of other players. The game host’s IP may be omitted.

3. Press ‘Add’ to add the IP to the receivers list.

4. Click start.

5. Now create your Warcraft game normally. Your friends will see your game in the LAN game and be able to join it.


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