Installous 5 outdated version installous will now terminate problem fix

December 30, 2012 by PetuaTerbaik · 11 Comments
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Dear all do you having a problem when running Installous 5  from Hackulous a popup appear  Installous 5 outdated version installous will now terminate problem ? Yeah the installous 5 is down right now. so I think the site right now are down…. Yeahh.. for sure it serve the community…  How come it down? so pity.. we know the hacklous 5 for now is the best version…. So i just being quit there… how come? SO ARE THERE HAVE A SOLUTION FOR THIS ???

For those who have been jailbreaking for a while, you probably know what Installous is. This article is dedicated to everyone who wanted to know more about Installous.

Installous is an installation package which can be downloaded for free through Cydia, the online database of portable device applications which is developed by Jay Freeman. To have Cydia in your iOS devices, like iPhone or iPad, you need to jailbreak it first.  Well Much like of an App Store in the jailbreak :) community but Installous does it even more. What the Apple App Store has, is also available in Installous. But, there are more apps in Installous which are not available in the official App Store. This is what defines jailbreaking, Cydia and Installous. Yeah…. we wait for the Installous will come out from the outdated version! :) )) stay tune folk!!!

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