The Cursed Crusade – Tutorial How to hold and grab the enemy

October 2, 2011 by PetuaTerbaik
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Do you really want to hold and grab the enemy and call your friend to finish or kill the
enemy in The Cursed Crusade game?  Many has failed to do that because there is no tutorial for that,
But here is how we can easily grab and hold the enemy.

Here is how :

1) Hit the enemy until you see the armor of the enemy is fall apart.

2) Find a clear space this clear space is very important for the animation to grab and hold
the enemy. If the space is small you will failed to do it.

3)Knock or Stun the enemy using your shield or the best is your middle mouse :)

4) This is the important part,  run through the enemy when
then enemy in stun and then hold Q  key while repeatly press E until you grab

So please comment if it work or don’t work… Hey, i just finished playing
The Cursed Crusade, likely it will be The Cursed Crusade 2 the sequel, Hope so, Because this
game is very exciting, being a knight with a shield.

Really love this game, I  have some wish list to see in The Cursed Crusade 2.
Here is my wish list :-

1. We can throw spears.

2. We can mount horse.

3. We can choose armor, many type of armor.

4. Have a multiplayer mode, I mean PVP (Player Versus Player).

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