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Celcom Prepaid X-Pax

TEMPOH KREDIT For 1 Year / 2 Year For Celcom Prepaid User.

Tempoh Kredit Term & Conditions

1.This Promotion is open to all Prepaid customers with Active Status
2.Customer pay RM30 or RM50 & get 1 or 2 years VALIDITY

EXP1 send to 28882 – RM30 will be deducted for 1year validity.

EXP2 send to 28882 – RM50 will be deducted for 2years validity.

After reload RM30, you will get 6months ONLY, to get another 6months you have to reload another RM30. So total = 1yr validity after you reload RM30 (deduction) + RM30 balance.

After reload RM50, you will get 6months ONLY, to get another 18months you have to reload another RM30. So total = 2yrs validity after you reload RM50 (deduction) + RM30 balance.

T&C for EXP1 and EXP2 :
Another RM30 balance has to reload within 6months time after activated EXP1 / EXP2.

Just dial *118#, choose My Prepaid.. and next, choose Credit Validity.. since the menu available at *118# also, not *119# only then no need to change plan…..

Reload Command For Prepaid:

Celcom Reload = *122*16pin no# Call Or SMS REC_16pin no_HP no to 2888 / 2889

Celcom Check Balance = *124# Call or SMS BAL to 2888 / 2889

Celcom Easy Menu = *118#  or  *119# Call

Celcom Hot Line Contact = 1111

Hotlink 365

Step To Activate as below:

Dial *108*6#  Call

Top up to ensure a minimum credit more than RM33 is in your prepaid account .

Hotlink 365 gives you the best call and SMS rates similar to our current best rate plan, which is Hotlink Plan.
Call rates 
Normal With RM30 top up or more
(valid for 30days) SMS Rates
Activ10 15sen/min 15sen/min 1sen/SMS
Hotlink to same network 39sen/min 36sen/min 7sen/SMS
Hotlink to different network 49sen/min 36sen/min 15sen/SMS

Note:  I’ve subscribed to Hotlink 365. But after using it for 3 months, I want to switch back to my old plan or to another plan. Can I do so?
No. You cannot migrate to any other plans until your Hotlink 365 expires. Your Hotlink 365 will only expire for the following  reasons:
a) Failure to fulfill the accumulated top up condition of RM30 in the first six months of the subscription
b) Failure to renew your Hotlink 365 when the 365 validity days are over.

Note: You’ll be auto-switched to Hotlink Plan when your Hotlink 365 subscription expires.


1. Is there a condition I need to meet during my subscription to Hotlink 365?

Yes. You will need to accumulate top up of RM30 or more in the first six months of your 365 validity days. (e.g. a minimum of RM5 x 6 months or RM10 x 3 months).

2. I’ve subscribed to Hotlink 365. But I did not accumulate RM30 or more top up credits in the first six months of my 365 validity days. What will happen?

If you did not fulfill the condition by Day 180, your Hotlink 365 subscription (and the remaining 180 validity days) will expire immediately. After that, you will be auto-switched to Hotlink Plan. You will then have to top up to earn your validity days (e.g. top up RM10 and get 10 validity days). You can subscribe to Hotlink 365 again by just dialing *108*6# and paying the RM33 annual fee.


1. My 365 validity days are expiring soon. How can I renew it? How much will I be charged?

You will receive a renewal invitation SMS 30 days before your plan’s expiry date. Just follow the instruction to renew. Once the renewal is successful, RM33 will be deducted from your account.

2. What happens if I don’t renew the plan?

You will be auto-switched to Hotlink Plan. You will now have to top up to earn your validity days (e.g. top up RM10 and get 10 validity days). You can always subscribe to Hotlink 365 again by just dialing *108*6# and paying the RM33 annual fee.

Note : Extract from Hotlink website

Reload Command For Prepaid:

Maxis Reload = *111*14pin no# Call  Or Call 122 and follow Instruction.

Maxis Check Balance = *122# Call

Maxis Easy Menu = *100# Call

Maxis Hotline Contact = 1300 820 120

Digi Super Long Life: 365days with RM30

Step To Activate as below:

Dial *128*4*3#  Call

Reload Command For Prepaid:

Digi Reload = *123*16pin no# Call

Digi Check Balance = *126# Call

DIGI Easy Menu = *128# Call

Digi Hotline Contact = 016-299 0000

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Between Facebook for Nokia vs Facebook for Android vs Facebook for Iphone

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Dear all, i would to share, after rest for so long i realised the mobile phone technology is growing like a mushroom.

So if you want to ask about which one facebook app is better in Nokia, Android, Iphone ? I would like to suggest you should take Android or Iphone. Why? It’s Look like Nokia doesn’t care about the Facebook App.

The facebook need sound + notification when people wall us, tagged us and etc and chat that was missing.. Please feedback me, coz if OVI or Nokia don’t do something about this, we assume that OVI or Nokia does not care about Updating Application. The Nokia just only want to sell new phone only! without caring the apps ! :( We waited about 1 year for Nokia to update. But there no update! So Pity Nokia….

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